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incentive hot air balloon activity

Flights for Groups

A balloon flight is a good experience to live in a group, as an incentive for workers, collaborators or clients. An outdoor activity that combines the thrill of flying with the serenity of doing it with a balloon where the landscape and nature take center stage.
It is very common for companies to make a gift to their workers or take advantage during their conventions, presentations of new products or other promotional activities, to carry out group activities outdoors.
Aircat carries out tourist flights specially designed for companies, adapting as much as possible to the schedules and also to the rest of the activities that they want to carry out during the day.

  • Custom flights
  • Basic Program
  • Activities for companies
  • Custom flights

    We adapt the number of balloons to the group, we can fly every day of the year and throughout the Catalan territory. We can also travel to other places in Spain, France or Morocco and adjusting the program to the specific needs of the event.
    You can customize the basket or the balloon canvas through banners with the logo of the company or promotion
  • Basic Program

    Welcome to the airfield, preparation and inflation of the balloons, brief explanation and distribution of the participants in the different balloons.
    Take-off of the balloons and departure of the follow-up vehicles. For about an hour and a quarter we will fly over the area carried by the wind. During the flight, relax, comment and observe the landscape. The pilot will also place you and can tell anecdotes, curiosities and answer any questions that arise. It is flown at different heights to be able to enjoy different perspectives.
    Celebration during the flight of the baptism in the air as tradition dictates with a glass of cava and dry pasta to nibble.
    4. LANDING
    Landing of the balloons and participation in collecting the balloons. The vehicles will take us to the place of departure or to the previously chosen point.
    Typical breakfast in a restaurant or a farmhouse and delivery of diplomas to the participants.
  • Activities for companies

    There is also the option of turning the balloon ride into one more activity than a day of sport and adventure designed for groups. Aircat, in collaboration with other specialized companies, offers adventure packages where flights are accompanied by activities such as zip-lining, mountain biking, rappelling or archery.
Incentive flights
captive ballooning
Hot air balloon events

Captive Flight

The hot air balloons are majestic and magical, they are a differentiating element and a great attraction in any festive act. Aircat proposes to companies and public entities the take-off of balloons controlled by ropes at sporting events, fairs, celebrations, night shows, etc.

This activity is called "captive flight" and consists of taking off a balloon tied with ropes that keep it attached to the ground but allow it to climb 20-25 meters.

With captive flights you can always get on and off at the same point, without the wind moving you to another area. Usually the activity is two hours long and can be leveraged to raise the participants and guests of act or celebration.

  • Space

    The balloon can be personalized with banners with the logo of the company or brand you want to promote or display.

    The assembly and preparation lasts approximately 20 minutes, followed by an hour and a half of ascents and descents with people. The best time to carry out this activity is to early morning or recent afternoon / night, when usually have more calm wind and weather conditions are best for the airballoon.
  • Space

    Any public or private entity interested in holding open-air celebrations or festivities must keep in mind that a captive glubus needs a minimum space of 40m2 free of obstacles and cables.
    We must also take into consideration the meteorological conditions: in case of wind or rain, the balloon couldn't be inflated.
Captive balloon
balloon sponsorship
Aerial advertising

Hot Air Balloon Sponsorship

Sponsoring a balloon is one of the most profitable forms of advertising out there today. A hot air balloon, whether on land or suspended in the sky, attracts a multitude of looks and photographs and is the most spectacular and effective option for companies to promote themselves. That is why more than 75% of the balloons that are built are sponsored, that is, the canvases have the shape and exclusive design of a brand.

At Aircat we propose the sponsorship of one of our airballoons with the maximum flexibility to talk about the investments that you want to do and the extra benefits that can be achieved. The sponsorship not only lies in the personalized sail of the balloon, we can also treat a number of national and international events per year, on a number of tourist flights, agree with the number of incetive flights for workers or collaborators, fly in a specific area where the company needs visibility, etc.

There are many benefits to sponsoring a balloon and all of them add great value to your company's image.

Sponsored Balloons
Make the audience fall in love with you

Promote your brand efficiently

The hot air balloon is like a big banner in the sky, a spectacular action that lasts in time (the life of a balloon is up to 500 hours of flight, about 4 or 5 years), therefore, it is one of the most effective ways to advertise. The visual impact and originality make companies that invest in the sponsorship of a balloon increase in sales and in brand appreciation.


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