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Aircat.cat belongs to Osona Gobus SL, a ballooning travel agency created in Vic (Barcelona) in 1992. We offer tourist flights throughout Catalonia, especially in the regions of Osona, Costa Brava, Barcelona, Pyrenees and Garrotxa. We also collaborate with companies to diffusion their corporate image, offering the sponsorship of our balloons or specific services such as captive flight, incentive flights, etc.

All Aircat.cat hot air balloons are registered in the Official Civil Aviation Registry and comply with European safety standards EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), which are periodically reviewed by an authorized CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization) maintenance center, in our case by Ultramàgic. The State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA) accredits Aircat.cat as an aerial work company that has up-to-date insurance for all hot air balloons available to customers.

We currently have 7 balloons, with 2, 4, 6 and 10 seats, all with optimal hygiene and safety conditions. We are committed to a safe and close trip with the pilot, with harmony and well-being in the basket.

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Balloon Pilot and Instructor

Josep María Puntí

Puntí is the founder and chief pilot of AirCat. He has accumulated more than 3000 hours of balloon flight. His training endorsed by the Spanish State Aviation Safety Agency and the Fédération Française d'Aérostation. Both have granted him the European license for hot air balloons and also as a maintenance technician.

The pilot, in addition, has also obtained the qualification of a hot air balloon pilot instructor and is one of the few pilots in Spain who has the night flight rating.

Puntí is a regular participant in International Hot Air Balloon Festivals such as those in Mexico, Burma or Morocco and has represented companies such as Zurich and Ultramàgic.

More than 3,000 flight hours accumulated
Currently there are few professional hot air balloon pilots in Spain who can boast of having more than 3000 flight hours. Puntí offers you in addition to his passion for flying in a balloon, his experience and training.
Since 2015, Josep Puntí has a Flight Instructor license and has taught dozens of new hot air balloon pilots.
Night Flight
The best time to go ballooning is at first hour of the morning, when exist the best weather conditions. Also during dusk and night, but in this case, you must have specific training due to the attached difficulty of flying without sunlight. Puntí has been authorized to carry out night flights since 2014.
Maintenance Technician
Thanks to different specific training courses certified by both the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea Española and the Fédération Française d’Aérostation, Puntí is a balloon maintenance technician. With the manufacturer ULTRAMAGIC SA, they together keep a strict control of their balloons to get the best security levels.
Competitions and Festivals
Whenever possible, aircat pilots participate in both national and international competitions. These events are an essential appointment for those who have a passion to fly in a balloon. Josep Puntí has also won an important podium such as the European Balloon Festival. He has also participated in many international festivals such as Mexico's or the one in Dover that flies over the English Channel.
Expeditions require a higher difficulty to pilot a hot air balloon, they are also challenging full of adventure that pilots face with great enthusiasm. During these years Aircat pilots have participated in crossings all over the world such as expedition over the Alps, Argentina, Morocco and even Burma.
Puntí organized an expedition in the Swiss Alps in 1991 and provided logistical support to the Bayer Airship in its trip around the world to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary. He was also the official co-pilot on all its flights during the time in Catalonia.

What can you do with our hot air balloons?

Tourist balloon flights around Catalonia

Tourist balloon flights around Catalonia

We offer private and group tourist ballon flights throughout Catalonia, especially in the regions of the province of Barcelona, Cerdanya and Garrotxa. Balloon flights are usually an hour and a quarter, but we also offer crossings and adventure flights.
Vols exclusius nacionals i internacionals

Exclusive National and International Flights

We fly where you want and when you want. We have experience in all continents, we have flown above all Spain, Switzerland, France, Morocco, Mexico, Burma and a lot of other countries.
Patrocini de globus aerostàtics

Aerial advertising with hot air balloons

We collaborate with companies for the diffusion of their corporate image, offering the sponsorship of a balloon or one-off services (with canvases) such as captive flights for events and fairs, group flights for incentives, Team Building activity, etc.


  • Highly recommended experience

    Vic at my feet

    Cristina - August 2020
    Highly recommended experience, planning over the Osona region and feeling that time does not pass up there, feeling of freedom and peace. Thanks to Josep, who illustrated us on all the steps that were being carried out during the flight, and above all he made us feel safe and relaxed, being able to enjoy the flight, with a toast included.
  • Phenomenal experience

    Empordà from the air

    Toni - july 2020
    Phenomenal experience! Beautiful day, amazing views and in the company of a super fun pilot, we will repeat for another safe area. Thanks for everything Josep Lluís Puntí.
  • Very good experience

    Very good experience

    Toni - July 2020
    Very good experience, a great flight, a brutal lunch and a very close and professional treatment. 100% recommendable
  • Recommended


    Loli - July 2020
    Very good experience. Very quiet, to enjoy the beauty of nature from a bird's eye view. Super safe flight you don't even know.


    Mònica - March 2020
    Pep has been a great pilot ... 100% guaranteed safety, as well as a journey full of smiles and magical moments. Thank you for making us fulfill a dream and for getting closer to heaven ... All this accompanied by a YES I WANT and a glass of cava courtesy of d'AirCat have made this experience something brutal and unforgettable.
    Despite the bad weather forecast, Pep decided to wait until the last moment to assess whether it was really safe or not to fly ... And thanks to that, we succeeded ... The weather forecast failed and we had a fantastic flight. I think that it is necessary to emphasize the VERY humane treatment of Pep, who at all times facilitated us to "take flight" without neglecting, NEVER, our safety. We knew that due to the weather forecast we should perhaps cancel the flight but finally the weather respected us and gave us this beautiful moment.
    Without a doubt, if we decide to fly again, it will be with Aircat.


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